“Giving our kids a better place to play and grow”

MISSION – Seeking improvements to the baseball field and facilities to meet the needs of our student athletes.

VOLUNTEERING – Meeting our goals by utilizing the time and energy of dedicated volunteers.

BINGO – Acquiring the crucial funds we need for improvements by managing a weekly bingo game

PAYING IT FORWARD – Past improvements were made with the help of our community, funded by donations of time, money, resources and labor. It is our goal to continue this tradition of “paying it forward”, to ensure that future generations of student-athletes benefit from the efforts of current supporters, just as those who participate today, continue to benefit from past supporters.

Our Field Improvement Goals

  • Build bathroom facilities to serve the baseball and softball fields –COMPLETED FALL 2018
  • Move in and rebuild the backstop with matching split face brick, with tension netting – COMPLETED FALL 2016
  • Add bleacher stadium system with seating for 500 patrons. Seating with chair backs. New seating will improve sight line and bring patrons closer to the action
  • Rebuild dugouts with matching split face brick. Leaving option for later addition of attached locker room, bathroom and sink – MODIFIED, IN PROGRESS
  • Build permanent storage sheds attached to dugouts for direct field access –COMPLETED FALL 2016
  • Field turf the foul area between infield and dugouts
  • Replace fencing around bullpen with split face
  • Replace safety fencing on side lines with split face – COMPLETED FALL 2018
  • Create a grand entrance to the stadium – IN PROGRESS
  • Create a student-only section between the dugout and indoor facility
  • Replace and expand the current concession building adding potable water


  1. I have a concern about fundraiser fraud: Its been a month now since a person saying he represented the team came to my door to sell BBQ for the fall fundraiser. He took my name and email and said he would get back to me when the BBQ was ready. I received no receipt or contact info from him. Since then I have heard nothing. A similar incident occurred two years ago when a person also claimed to be from the team selling sports cups. Again, our money disappeared into thin air. While I hold no fault with the team, I think you should be aware that there may be individuals out there who are purposely misrepresenting your organization for personal gain. Please let me know what actual steps a student uses to gain and follow through on a fundraising order so I can be prepared in the future. Thank you.

    1. We are cooking and packing the BBQ this weekend. The player should be delivering the BBQ on Saturday or Sunday. If you do not receive your e-mail over the weekend, please let me know via e-mail at nrwarriorsbaseball@gmail.com and I will get with our parents and find out which player sold to you.

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