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BBQ Success!!

Just wanted to pass along my compliments to the chef, Asst Coach Gilbert Fitzwater, and all the coaches and players who worked so hard last Saturday to get all of that BBQ cooked, chopped, sauced, and packed!!!   I have been getting tons of positive feedback from other parents as well as the friends and family members who purchased the BBQ.  They all say how great it tastes and most wish they had bought more!!  Thanks again to all who helped to support this great fundraiser for our boys.


Please be sure to turn in your money to a board member no later than October 22nd.  There was some confusion about the deadline.  It was set for October 23rd, but since there are no baseball activities on a Friday, the date was moved to October 22nd.  Board members will be available after practice on the 22nd to receive your money.

BBQ Fundraising

Everyone should have their forms for the 2015 Fall BBQ Fundraiser!!!  Get our boys out there selling so that we can exceed last year’s awesome total!!  Don’t forget we will need volunteers to help cook, chop and pack the BBQ on Saturday, October 31st.  Good luck to all!!